Adepts Of The Cult

Adept of the Cult is the highest rank that a normal cultist can dream to acquire. Strong-willed and loyal, they use the secrets of the cult to amplify their magic to a threatening degree. Ruthless and cunning, they pose a threat to every opponent. They see themselves as too valuable to the cult to be lost. For this reason, they are always accompanied by some members of lower ranks who support and protect them. Their esteem of other cultists is not very high though and they sacrifice them at their whim whenever a threat occurs. They hold important knowledge about the cult and they are so fanatic that they would rather die than to get caught alive.
Adepts Of The Cult have 430 hitpoints. They are immune to poison, holy. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.
Adepts Of The Cult yield 400 experience points. They carry gold coins and sometimes other items with them.