Dwarf Geomancers

It is a widespread misconception that dwarfs dislike all kinds of magic. Dwarfs worship the powers of the elements, and the most gifted among them have managed to master the raw forces of earth and fire. Like all others of their race, Dwarf Geomancers are sturdy and strong. Instead of using the axe, they call on the power of earth to smash their enemies, hurling balls of molten rock at whoever is opposing them. Even worse, earth also confers amazing healing powers on Dwarf Geomancers, making them formidable enemies that are difficult to overcome.
Dwarf Geomancers have 380 hitpoints. They are immune to fire, poison. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.
Dwarf Geomancers yield 245 experience points. They carry bags, gold coins, leather boots, magic light wands, pears, studded legs, white mushrooms and sometimes other items with them.