Dworc Voodoomasters

The most evil stirps of the dworcish race resulted in the development of likewise dark and sinister magic. The Dworc Vodoomasters are known and feared for their curses and their ability to use sinister magic that drains their victim's life and mana. Being cowardly and sneaky, they prefer to accompany other dworcs on their attacks rather than to face enemies on their own. Fighting in the second line, they pose a serious threat by using spells that allow their allies to defeat even much stronger enemies. Since the Dworc Voodoomasters are able to cover their retreat with curses and spells, it is hard to get hold of them. Lacking the ability to launch any threatening attack on their own, they fall quickly if they are actually caught alone.
Dworc Voodoomasters have 80 hitpoints. They are immune to poison. It takes 300 mana to convince these creatures but they cannot be summoned.
Dworc Voodoomasters yield 50 experience points. They carry gold coins and sometimes other items with them.