The proud Marid are the strongest warriors among the noble race of the blue djinn. They possess amazing magical powers, and their prowess in battle is truly fearsome. However, their undeniable power as well as their race's natural tendency towards pride make them vulnerable to the temptations of vanity and arrogance. The Marid, being devout followers of the prophet Daraman's teachings, try to resist these temptations as well as they can, but it has happened before that a Marid strayed from the true path and succumbed to the corruption and the lowly desires that are hidden deep in the soul of every djinn. Beware of such fallen Marid, because they are no better than the Efreet, the Marids' green-skinned djinn cousins and arch-enemies.
Marid have 550 hitpoints. They are immune to fire, poison, energy and they cannot be paralyzed. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.
Marid yield 300 experience points. They carry blueberries, gold coins, heavy machetes, small oil lamps and sometimes other items with them.