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Coins are used to purchase products from the Noverum Store.
You may open the store in-game by clicking a "" button that is located right next to your inventory.
Have a look at our offers below!

Items   Price
Crystal Coins (x25)
Gib moni ples.
10 Coins
Scrolls   Price
Premium Scroll (15)
Boost your account with 15 days of premium time!
10 Coins
Outfits   Price
Assassin Base Outfit
Become a poor assassin.
25 Coins
Assassin Outfit First Addon
Get yourself this great addon!
10 Coins
Assassin Outfit Second Addon
Get yourself this great second addon!
10 Coins
Assassin Full Outfit
Become an assassin in one click.
40 Coins
There are no offers on this world.